American Magician in Denmark: Press Release

American Magician in Denmark

Friday, June 10th, 2011 at 5:56 pm

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Why can’t I hear the applause?

After years traveling the world doing magic in America, England and a few other places, Charlie has finally settled down in Denmark.  Being a professional magician is rewarding work, especially if you work with children.

Children seem to appreciate magic so much more. This is usually due to the fact that the world is still an open book to them and they have not been exposed to many of the mysteries that are in store for them. That is not to say that adults do not enjoy a good magical experience as well.

Charlie spent the past 7 years working the British School Show market with 3 very popular programs:Let’s Talk Rubbish!, H.E.L.P. and The Magic Within!. These 3 programs were designed to assist schools in motivating and educating children about the importance of such issues as the environment, health and self-esteem.

Each program has been viewed by hundreds of schools throughout the UK and many magicians have even bought the rights to perform the shows in places as far-flung as Australia, Brazil, America, Japan and Russia (just to name a few).

Through the use of magic and comedy, Charlie has been able to help 1000s of children become better stewards of their own health, their immediate environment and, more importantly, make them feel that they are worthwhile and special.

If you are looking for a magician who performs in both Danish or English, and has a bit of different sense of humour and style of magic, give me a call and let’s talk about how I can help you. Be it a birthday party, sommerfest or school event, I am sure I can find a program that will suit your needs at an affordable price. You can see my prices here, so that there are no surprises.

May your day be full of magical experiences. Try looking at the world through the eyes of your children and you will find those magical moments.